No Longer lost in translation

This service might be appropriate for annual reports, technical manuals, legal texts, journal articles, etc. The source language is most often Swedish or English. 

Our translators always translate into their native languages, and often live in their respective countries, allowing them to stay up-to-date on linguistic and cultural developments. All texts are also reviewed by an editor to ensure accuracy and quality.

The translation process

1. Start-up

Our project manager will go over the brief and outline the parameters of the project, including deadline, budget and target audience. Any reference material, such as previous texts or glossaries, you can provide us with will help ensure that we meet your specific needs and style.

3. Quality control

The next step is quality control. The document is now reviewed by an editor. At this stage, we also check accuracy, grammar, spelling and style. Any questions are resolved in consultation with the translator.

5. Final proofreading

The final stage is proofreading in the final layout, such as in a PDF document. We check grammar, spelling, capitalization, headlines and make sure that no errors have been introduced during layout. We always include a second check, ensuring that the corrections were properly made.

2. Translation

After reviewing the source text, the project manager will assign the text to the appropriate translator, who will always be translating into their native language.

4. Client approval

We send you the translated document. Your comments and changes are then sent back to the translator, who will incorporate them into the final copy.

6. Final approval

We submit the final manuscript to you to sign off on before printing or publication. We hope that successfully wrapping up one project will lead to further collaboration in the future.